Nova Scotia Proud - Alex Vaughan



Written by Alex Vaughan and Derrick Reyner


Produced by Scott Ferguson 

at FMP Matrix Entertainment



Alex Vaughan – guitar, keyboard and vocals

Scott Ferguson – drums and percussion

Shannon Quinn – fiddle

The Story of ‘Nova Scotia Proud’

 As the main entertainer at White Point Beach Resort for 10 years, I would get frequent requests from travellers and guests to perform a ‘Nova Scotian’ song that would provide a sense, lyrically and musically, of the area they were visiting. Outside of several Cape Breton compositions, the only song that included the name of the province, and was often heard in the pubs of Halifax, was ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia’. This well-known tune, which became popular in the 1960’s, tells the story of drowned sailors longing to return to their homeland.  Some might say it portrays a rather plaintive and sorrowful vision of Nova Scotia.

 One evening, in Founder’s Lounge at White Point where I was performing, I mentioned this to a budding songwriter/lyricist by the name of Derrick Reyner. He took up the challenge by composing and sharing with me a number of extended verses of insightful lyrics expounding upon the beauty of the diverse sights, smells, sounds, and flavours that represent the wondrous complexity of the diverse culture of Nova Scotia.

 From Derrick’s poetic efforts, I eagerly extracted a three-verse song that sums up what we love about our home province, and sends a ‘shout-out’ to all the Nova Scotians who, at some point, have had to leave their birthplace to find work elsewhere. This song seeks to remind everyone of the singularly sensual and scenic wonderland they left, and portrays all the reasons why they should remember to return.

 Here is ‘Nova Scotia Proud’!


Chorus:  I’m Nova Scotian proud…and forever I have vowed

To wave my flag with pride…for this province I reside

From the highlands I will call... those who left us one and all

Although you had to roam...don’t forget to come back home

1.  The fog retreats to the outer reach

And reveals our rugged shore

And the fog horns wail to the men who sail

From Yarmouth to Bras d’Or

A salty breeze through shore line trees

Surrounds this rock and sand

I sing out loud, Nova Scotian proud

My home and native land  


-----Repeat CHORUS-----

2.  Hear humpback whales sing deep sea tales

To men in their fishing boats

I close my eyes to visualize

This place I love the most

Come take a tour of the old French shore

Where proud Acadians roam

And faces beam as lobsters steam

You’re sure to feel at home


-----Repeat CHORUS-----

3.  From blossomed trees with humming bees

You can pick an apple sweet

Or stop to savour all the flavour

In a baked blueberry treat

Take the Digby shore where the eagles soar

And feast the scallop prize

Walk the sandy reach of a south shore beach

In sunset or sunrise

Repeat CHORUS:  I’m Nova Scotian proud…and forever I have vowed

 To wave my flag with pride…for this province I reside

 From the highlands I will call...those who left us one and all

  Although you had to roam….don’t forget to come back home

 Remember when you roam….don’t forget to come back home